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Our proposal:

MAPS arose from the combination of two fundamental factors:


  • the certainty that the development of human activity must take into account the conservation of nature and the safeguarding of living conditions on the planet

  • the perception that companies and institutions need specialized help to implement processes that combine gains with sustainable practices


Bees are crucial for the balance of ecosystems. In the search for pollen, they promote the pollination of fruits, vegetables and grains: 80% of the plants reproduce through this natural path. We will imitate nature and form a hive to make life better.

Buzzing together our values ​​multiply...

It is essential to rethink our values ​​and take action

11/05/2019, Folha de São Paulo

"Annual floods and devastated neighborhoods can be a reality with climate change."

Submerged cities

Daily agenda in all media, the topic gains audience every minute, becoming relevant in the daily life of more and more citizens

The world has opened its eyes


Global Climate Strike

Get ready: in less than ten years this will be the consuming public

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Thinking away, acting here and now

We believe that each individual, group, corporation, city and country can make a difference as an agent of transformation, in a world that is unique to everyone.


In this process, our part is to plan and implement sustainable projects, adding value to brands that understand the value of socio-environmental responsibility.


We are also aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and their goals, adopted by the United Nations as targets of this great process of care and transformation of the planet.

Where we want to go

Our purpose is clear. We think globally, by focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and an increasingly positive future for everyone. And we act locally, helping more actors to participate in this creative and regenerating journey on the planet. That's what we want to get to. With you. Together.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

What are the SDG?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the goals of a global agenda adopted in 2015 by the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development and comprised of 17 goals and 169 goals, to be achieved by 2030.

Ongoing Projects
Ágora Project
For companies that think globally
Santo André Project
Sustainable village in Santo André, Bahia, Brasil
Sustainable Inn in Santo André, Bahia, Brasil
Pousada Colmeia
Sustainable Tourism Project
Sustainable Forum. São Paulo, Brasil
Phoenix Project
Zimbabwe Mangwende Orphan Care, Africa

Our partners

buzzing all together...

Carla Mott Ancona

Consultant on sustainable projects and entrepreneur | Graduated in Psychology / USP with experience in research and psychoanalytic clinic, background that contributed to the trajectory as Director of Operations of the largest MICE company in South America. More than 30 years in the Tourism sector, vast global networking and relationship with Airlines Companies, DMC’s, Hotel Chains and sector leaders.


Expertise in planning corporate events, congresses and incentive trips, for which she worked in countries on 5 continents. Responsible, among others, for the management of "Torcida Brasil"(official operators), taking thousands of business guests to the World Cups, from 1994 USA to 2018 Russia.


She specializes in Sustainability (17 SDGs / UN) and, since 2018, supported by experience in tourism and the corporate world, is dedicated to the planning and implementation of sustainable projects and to consulting companies in the development of on-demand strategies, which add to brands values ​​of social and environmental responsibility.

Neka Menna Barreto

Chef and nutritionist | Chef de cuisine and renowned nutritionist inside and outside the country, she guides her work and her food company - Neka Gastronomia - by the principles of sustainability and affection, seeking to spread the virtues of healthy habits.


Celebrating, cultivating and nurturing life have been the goals of her craft for over 30 years. In the creation and preparation of his dishes, Neka takes with her all the aromas, colors and flavors that she has experienced around the world and that she has experienced in depth in every corner and corner of Brazil, from north to south. She makes cooking her art, to offer it to people as if she reveals what nature has most sacred and generous.

Paulo Franco

Journalist and video producer | Journalist and videomaker, he worked for 12 years in TV stations. Partner at Urb-i Soluções em Urbanismo, specialized in the implementation of urban transformations with a focus on active mobility.

Francisco Ancona Lopez

Ad Hoc - Communication team | Advertiser, specialist in advertising and marketing at FAAP / SP Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, has great experience in the tourism marketing sector, being directly responsible for the marketing strategy and executive coordination of Cia. Marítima, advising operators and providing consultancy in communication. As an advertiser, he served international tourist destinations, Cias. Airlines, industry associations, hotel chains. He has participated in numerous industry conferences and events in Brazil and abroad.

Ronie Prado

Ad Hoc - Communication team | She graduated from Faculdade Belas Artes / SP, specializing in design, graphic production and art direction for advertising and marketing. Responsible for the direction of creation and graphic production of advertising campaigns and visual communication projects for fairs and events. As a graphic artist, she work on exhibitions in the field of fine arts, in addition to signing graphic projects for editorial publications and musical releases.

Marcela Ferreri

Communication and design professional  | For years she was part of the International Incentive Travel Operations team of the largest MICE company in South America. The experience in planning and acting in corporate events and incentive trips aroused her interest in renewing the model of experiences they can provide if focused on quality and sustainability content. From communication degree, she keeps the dedication to visual arts, creativity and the desire to positively touch people's lives.

Iara Oliveira

Social Media | She has a great interest in contributing to environmental awareness. As a social media, she manages pages on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. She works with the communication team, organizing content, posting and monitoring digital campaigns. She monitors interactions and produces reports on accesses and engagements in the networks, in addition to publishing content / website updates.

Gustavo Rodrigues

Bachelor of Business Administration and Master in Financial Engineering | Professional experiences in Pricing, Business Intelligence and Tourism, operating major corporate events.

Bento Cruz

Anthropologist and permaculturist  | Responsible for implementing sustainable agricultural practices combined with community-based tourism that resulted in the Aratu Project, on Mem de Sá Island (Sergipe), whose main result was the social transformation of the community - today internationally recognized as a model in sustainable tourism.


Reference in the area, specializing in permaculture, agroforestry and regenerative design, giving courses and workshops. Provides consulting and develops projects in several regions of Brazil and South America, with emphasis on the agroecological transition of rural properties.

Aline Reis

“Agroforestry” and sociologist | Master's student in environmental engineering and technology, with a theme in agroforestry and agroecology in public spaces.


She heads the "Agrofloresta São Paulo" movement, which aims to agroforest public spaces in cities by enabling training courses in syntropic agroforestry.

Fabian Baglietto Teibo

Tourism technician and holistic therapist  | Uruguayan, has lived in Brazil since 1999. As a regional, national and South American guide, he coordinated teams in the Iberostar group to serve tourists and corporate clients such as Mercedes Benz, Santander, BBVV. Responsible for the largest receptive of Argentines on the north coast, he is co-founder of the AnahataBahia School of Permaculture, where he teaches courses and works to develop community-based tourism in Bahia.

Carol Vaz

Master producer, expert in international project management and live marketing | She went through several agencies, being responsible for major clients, such as Petrobras Distribuidora, Vivo, Audi, Jaguar and P&G. She stood out as General Director of Operations in a Rio branch of a large Brazilian agency and returns to São Paulo lands participating in innovative projects.

Chiara Ancona Lopez

Ad Hoc - Communication team | She studied Social Sciences at the University of São Paulo / USP, with graduation and master degrees in Philosophy from the Pontifical Catholic University / PUCSP. As director of operations for an advertising agency, she has extensive experience in managing teams and workflow in all stages - creation, planning, production and communication. As an advertiser, she specialized in planning and service.

Talissa Ancona Lopes

Writer, translator and language teacher  | She is currently studying Linguistics and Literature at the University of São Paulo / USP Psychoanalysis at the Brazilian School of Psychoanalysis. She works as a writer, translator and teacher of English and Portuguese. She is involved in the planning and realization of social projects aimed at education for public school students, through Literature Workshops, in addition to teaching Creative Writing classes to educators. She is vegan, anti speciesist and she defends animal liberation - also manages the page @cotidiano.vegano on Instagram.

Lara Oda

Tourism expert | Living among a family of artists, she is moved by the desire to provide unforgettable experiences to people. She has coordinated trips for teenagers and worked in the largest incentive agency in Brazil accompanying groups, developing itineraries of experience for planning incentive trips and corporate events, both nationally and internationally. Tourism and theater, which she also studied, shaped her and keep the passion for human relations alive in a living and sustainable environment.

Bruno Lopez

Bachelor of Laws | Postgraduate with 20 years of legal practice. Enthusiast of the concept of sustainable consumption and defender of the constitutional right to an ecologically balanced environment.


Courses Schedule

MAPS makes available here, exclusively for you, the entire schedule of courses taught by our partner Bento Cruz, anthropologist and permaculturist.


Cultivate the multiplicity and richness of life on Earth, our Home,
it is the first step towards generating harmonious relationships and living better.
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